Answers to Frequently Asked Questions about ILLiad

What is ILLiad?

ILLiad is the electronic system you use to request an item through Interlibrary Loan. The name ILLiad can be thought of as an acronym for InterLibrary Loan internet accessible database.

What is ILL?

Interlibrary Loan (ILL) is a means of sharing resources between libraries. With the ILL service at Foley, you have access to books and journal articles not available in our collection. When you place a request through ILLiad, we send your request to other libraries participating in the ILL service. If the item is available they will mail the book to us or send a PDF of an article.

What can I borrow through Interlibrary Loan?

We are willing to try and borrow almost any item you need for your academic research. Keep in mind that some materials can be difficult to obtain, including but not limited to:

  • Video and audio recordings
  • Theses and Dissertations
  • Materials held in reference collections (e.g. dictionaries, encyclopedias etc.)
  • Books published in the last year
  • Conference papers that have not been published
  • Materials located in rare book libraries (original manuscripts, letters, photos etc.)
  • Technical Standards

Items we cannot borrow through ILL:

  • Current textbooks required on campus, see the next question for more explanation...

Can I borrow textbooks through Interlibrary Loan?

No, sorry. Among other reasons, it is rare to find the edition you need in a library and the loan periods for ILL books will not cover a semesterís use. It is a more appropriate use of our ILL budget to borrow materials that support research projects rather than everyday course readings. If you need less expensive textbook options ask your professor to put one on library reserve or try one of these sources:;; Bigwords; Alibris. Many booksellers like Amazon and Barnes & Noble also offer used textbooks and textbook rental options. 

What should I put for the "Not Wanted After" date?

You donít have to put anything (the default is 2 weeks), but if you do, please pick a date that gives us time to fill the request. The ILLiad system automatically cancels requests after the date passes, whether you get the item or not. Tip: if your paper is due next week and you canít use the article after that, put the date your assignment is due.

What if we own the book but it is checked out?

You are welcome to place an ILL request for items held at Foley Library, but not currently available. The ILL department may evaluate this request and opt to place a hold on our copy of the book or process it as an ILL.

What if we own the book but it is lost?

Lost books can be borrowed through ILL. When you submit your request please make a note that the item is lost.

If you cannot locate a book that does not have a status of lost, you can ask at the circulation desk for them to search for the book. If the book should be available but cannot be found, please put a note on your ILLiad request, otherwise the ILL department will direct you to access the local copy.

How many Interlibrary Loan requests can I make at a time?

Undergraduate students are limited to ten active requests at any one time and requests are processed on a first come first serve basis. Faculty and graduate students can request 25 items at a time.

An article request is considered active until received, and a book request is considered active until you return the book to the library, where it must be checked in and updated. Exceptions to this policy can be made by contacting the ILL office at (509) 313-3878 during business hours.

How do I request articles or books through Interlibrary Loan?

First of all, you must register for an ILLiad account on our First time Users Page. You will then be logged into ILLiad where you can enter your request information in the appropriate web form. In our databases, you will see a link to ILLiad or to SFX full text options, which takes you to an ILLiad link. When you originate an ILLiad request from a database, the request form is automatically filled out with the required information. 

Can you tell me the status of my requests?

The current status of any ILLiad request can be viewed by logging into your ILLiad account or calling the ILL department at 509-313-3878. An explanation of ILLiad statuses is available here.

How much does ILL cost?

At this time we offer ILL free* to current Gonzaga students, faculty and staff. However, please be aware that Foley Center pays up to $15 for each Interlibrary Loan book or article in addition to copyright charges.  Even if a book is loaned to us free of charge, the costs for postage and staff add up.  Please help us out by using good judgment when requesting books and articles and request only what you can really use so that we can continue to offer this service at no charge to our users.

*Note: Occasionally a request will cost more than $15, in this case we will contact you and see if you are willing to pay the difference in order to receive the item.

How long can I keep an Interlibrary Loan item?

  • - Articles from magazines and journals are scanned or photocopied and are stored on our server for 30 days and are then deleted. We recommend downloading a copy, and that is yours to keep.
  • - Books have a due date that is established by the lending library, the average checkout period is about 4 weeks and in most cases one renewal is allowed. Since ILL books belong to another library, we must honor the due date they provide.
  • - ILL materials may be returned at the Circulation Desk or through the book drop at the Foley Center Library or can be mailed to Foley Library ILL department.

I'm a distance learner, how do I return my books?

You will need to mail your books back to the library, or make arrangements for someone to return them to campus. Please address packages to:

Foley Library- ILL
Gonzaga University
502 E Boone Ave
Spokane WA 99258-0095

Foley library covers to shipping cost to get the materials to you, but return shipping is the students responsibility. If you have any questions, please contact the ILL department at 509-313-3878.

If I lose or return an item late how much does it cost?

  • Overdue fines are charged at the rate of $1.00 per day, per item, with a maximum overdue fine of $25.00 when the item is returned.
  • Charges for lost or damaged materials generally include the replacement cost billed by the lending library plus a processing fee.

Can you RUSH an item for me?

We do not rush Interlibrary Loan requests. Requests are usually processed and sent to potential lenders within one business day. Once the request is sent to other lenders we have little control over how fast (or if) it arrives. If you have questions on the status of your request you can check it in the ILLiad system or call the ILL office at (509) 313-3878.

Can I request a renewal of the due date?

Renewals can be requested through the ILLiad system or by calling the Interlibrary Loan office at (509) 313-3878. It is best if you request renewals before the due date. Renewals are decided by the lending library and you will be notified when they respond with a new due date.

Why do I need a username and password to use ILLiad?

Your username and password allows us to give you secure access to information about your interlibrary loan requests. We can also enable you to edit your personal information such as your address or phone number.

Your username can be anything you like, such as your name, abbreviations, or an alphanumeric code. Your password also can be anything you like. We recommend that you follow good security practice and choose a password that is different from those you use to access other systems. However, no one but you will know your password, not even the library staff. The password you set is stored in an encrypted file.

What if I forget my password?

In the event that you forget your password, click the "Forgot Password?" link on the ILLiad website, enter username and click the "Reset Password" button. An email will be sent to you with instructions to change your password. Or you can contact the Interlibrary Loan Office at 509-313-3878. We can then reset your password allowing you access to ILLiad.

What if the book I want is owned by Gonzaga but I am a Distance Education student?

You can place requests on items available at Foley Center Library directly through the catalog by placing a hold on the item. To place a hold locate the record for the item you want in the library catalog, click "Place Hold " and enter your student ID number and last name. Items will be mailed to you if you live more than thirty-five miles from campus. You can also place the request through ILLiad, when we receive this request it will be cancelled in ILLiad and re-requested through the catalog. Either way you will receive the item.

Why does my browser say that you're sending a cookie? What's in it?

The technology that we use sends a Session ID to be stored on your machine. You can refuse this cookie and still be able to use ILLiad without any problems.

Can you explain the status of my request?

A selection of ILLiad statuses are listed below, if your item is at a different status or if you have any questions, please feel free to contact the ILL department at 509-313-3878.

Status Explanation
Awaiting Request Processing Your request has been received, and is waiting in queue to be processed by ILL staff.
Awaiting Unfilled Processing We have sent your request to potential lenders but no one has filled the request. We will continue to try to obtain the material from other sources. If we are unable to locate the item we will cancel your request and notify you by email. 
Awaiting Copyright Clearance We are checking to see if a copyright fee is required to obtain the requested article. 
Awaiting Extensive Searching We have performed an initial search for the material you requested, without finding a potential lender, but we are continuing to search for the item. 
Cancelled by ILL Staff ILL staff has cancelled the request for a specific reason. We always try to send an email with an explanation of why a request was cancelled, but you are welcome to call the ILL department for clarification.
Delivered to Web The item has arrived, been processed by the ILL staff and posted to the customer's ILLiad account. It is available to be viewed and/or downloaded electronically by logging into your ILLiad account and clicking View Articles. 
Awaiting Conditional Processing A possible lender has sent us a message about the unique details of the request. We may email you with questions about the requested materials or to make sure you can still use the item if there are restrictions placed on it (for example, if the item must be accessed from in Foley Library only).
Loans Recalled Processing Sometimes the due date of an item will be moved up due to special circumstances. If the due date of your item is changed we will notify you by email
Checked Out to Customer The item has arrived and been checked out to you. Materials are "checked out" when they arrive, even if you have not received the actual item yet.


Who do I contact if I have problems with or questions about ILLiad?

You can email us anytime at

After business hours and on weekends the reference desk can help you with basic ILL questions at 509-313-5931.

Or you can contact either of our ILL staff M-F 8 am - 6 pmJudy Noll and Zoe Mayhook

 Judy Noll
 Interlibrary Loan Assistant
 Zoe Mayhook
 Periodicals/ILL Assistant